Hello! I’m so happy you connected with me on my sacred space online. Lovely meeting you, I’m Kelly!

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my quest

To kick things off, I’d love to share what I live for. My quest is to help people live simply radical. A lifestyle of dreaming big, simplicity, inspired action taking, exploring, following your inner compass, doing what you love, receiving for the value you add into the world, and loving your journey. I live, breathe, and sleep it. 

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my vibe

My creative vibe is always overflowing on projects turning someone’s conscious lifestyle into a brand and business. I live for it! 

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my tribe

As a spirited lifestyle & business coach, my work reaches hundreds of millennial women from around the world. My style of life and business really speaks to their spirit, values, and way of life.

My client is a conscious creative, free-spirit, wildly inspiring, visionary, simply radical woman. Her tool kit of experiences and insights is overflowing with knowledge from health, wellness, healing, and living authentically. She makes her own rules, steps out of convention, creates her own path and builds an authentic lifestyle that fuels her spirit.

She creating a life of growing her own veggie garden, going off grid, and living her desires of doing good in the world. Her wanderlust spirit inspires her to travel, explore, and create. She values spending time with dear friends, family, and giving back to the community. She created or seeking to create a conscious lifestyle based business online which gives her freedom to sustain her lifestyle. She adores random Wednesday mornings at the park writing or Friday afternoons for yoga and lunch with her girlfriends.

She’s the type of woman who is willing to roll up her sleeves, be spiritually connected to her journey, drink green smoothies, take inspired action, and create her dream lifestyle and business, from the inside out.

I create for her a simple step-by-step roadmap on how-to reach her goals and coach her through the journey. My intention is to provide her intuitive guidance, insight, love and support to make the voyage of embarking on a path to true fulfillment – with greater ease, more success, community support, and a lot of fun. After working with me, she feels empowered, on the right path, in flow, and receiving for the value she adds into the world! 

read stories from my simply radical tribe!

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my passion

For over a decade, I’ve been living, breathing, and researching everything connected to conscious lifestyle brands. My passion was sparked during my first year in university when my eyes were opened to a new market that was emerging that wanted to purchase products that were aligned with their morals, ethics, and values.

While the conventional consumption around me growing in New York, never felt aligned, this new group of people felt like the people I was meant to connect with. From that day on, I’ve created my own conscious lifestyle, studied this market through earning degrees in marketing and international business, lived in China to study this shift, and since have worked with businesses and entrepreneurs from New York City to Las Vegas, and internationally in the UK, Canada, and China, bringing conscious lifestyle brands to life.

My passion is now manifested through my work coaching women on how-to turn their conscious lifestyle into a brand and business, consulting for new conscious lifestyle businesses, collaborations, and creating my own conscious lifestyle products from digital tool kits to tote bags. I live, breathe, and sleep what I love to create in the world.

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my radical resume

+In 2003, after graduating high school, I set out on a quest to manifest my visions of traveling the world, being of service, owning a business, and living a cool lifestyle

+ In 2004, I had my first taste of adventure living in London, England and working for Harrods (the largest retailer in Europe)

+In 2007 and 2008, on a quest of self-discovery I lived and worked in Chengdu, China (had experiences there that would change the course of my life)

+In 2007, I also won the international air guitar championship in Chengdu (first and last time I played)

+ In 2009, I earned degrees in marketing, international business, psychology, and Chinese language

+ In 2011, I created an award-winning conscious lifestyle blog (I sold the site in 2013 to embark on the business I have today)

+ In 2013, I stepped into my power and built an authentic personal brand that grows and evolves with me

+ In 2013, I launched a lifestyle practice I created called, manifest journaling. Within one year, hundred of women around the world began using it.

+ In 2013, I designed innovative products including over 8 online courses from conscious living, social media development to personal branding 

+Since 2011, I have worked with over a hundred innovative companies bringing consciousness to the marketplace through branding, marketing, and online strategies

+Since 2003, I have become an expert in conscious consumerism with over 10 years of research

+Since 2011, I have become the social media consultant for Natural Awakenings Publications (the largest health and wellness publication in the United States)

+In 2013, I manifested a magical sacred safe to live seasonally on the first residential urban farm in New York City

+Since 2012, I have collaborated on projects in Las Vegas (such as The Reset Project and Vegenation) to help build a new conscious lifestyle hub

+Since 2012, I have been coaching hundreds of women on how-to bring their visions in lifestyle and business into reality

+I’ve manifested various media including The Doctors (during the ‘vegan vs. meat eating’ sisters episode), News 5, and The Huffington Post when I had an article written about my lifestyle and work

+Currently, I’m coaching women around the world on how-to create the lifestyle and businesses of their dreams, designing new products for my shop, collaborating, and consulting on a really awesome new vegan restaurant coming to Downtown Las Vegas. 

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my journey here

Conventional education, business, and society did not nourish my ‘wild ideas’ of making a difference in the world through business and lifestyle. Since I was a  little girl I dreamed of living in New York City, traveling, doing good in the world, living a cool lifestyle, and owning my own business. But I had no idea on how-to turn those dreams into reality. From teachers to family, people thought my dreams where too difficult to accomplish and I should just follow the status quo for life. Thankfully I didn’t listen to a word of that and set out on my own adventure!


Through a 10 year journey that took me literally around the world (twice), I searched high and low for a roadmap that would lead me to my visions. A roadmap that would help show me to steps towards my dreams. After studying marketing, international business and social psychology in university, living abroad three times, having like 20 different jobs, and personal explorations, I thought for sure I’d find some answers - but that magical roadmap never appeared. I felt even more lost, confused, and disconnected.

I was at a crossroads. The universe was showing me it was time to fully step out of convention and do my thing.

After a lot of soul searching, courage collecting, and deciding I had nothing to lose – I ignited my entrepreneurial spirit. I started creating my own lifestyle practices, decided to blog my insights, connect with gals on a similar journey, and developed my own business.

The reason I am sharing all of this, I have a feeling you have had similar blocks in your life and if I can achieve my visions, so can you!

My motivation to keep going for my dreams ( no matter what) came from an experience in 2008, while living abroad in China. I lived through an earthquake that devastated the city on the other side of the mountain where I was living. I felt the earth shake under my feet which literately and spiritually unearthed my world. On that day, I made a promise. If I would live through it, I would dedicate my life to living to the fullest and help others do the same. From that day on, that is exactly what I have been doing.

There was highs and lows on my journey here from earthquakes, failures, to spiritual breakthroughs and creating a thriving business beyond my wildest dreams. I have learned a lot of rich insight and I am called to share it all with you, on a similar journey of creating your own path.

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you & your journey

I know you are conscious creative, free-spirit, wildly inspiring, visionary, simply radical woman too!

You know in your heart you have so much to share, you have great ideas, and there is creativity pouring out of your soul. You want to make a difference in the world through your lifestyle and business but not sure how-to put it all together. The idea of a creating a healthy, sustainable, and profitable business sounds sexy.

But you’re not exactly sure how-to bring those visions, dreams, and goals into reality.

Creating a conscious lifestyle and business can be stressful, lonely, overwhelming, and scary - especially for us who feel unseen and unsupported by the conventional world.

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 where you are today

+Ready to be on a clear path of right actions, to manifest your dream lifestyle and business.

+Ready to be living your passions full-time and loving life.

+Ready to be receiving for the value you add to the world.

+Ready to shift your lifestyle into a sustainable business for ultimate freedom.

+Ready to be experience soulful success.

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I’ve been where you are, and will help you arrive to where you want to go!

learn about my coaching here

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start your journey of living simply radical today!

Download my free how-to ‘Create a Manifest Journal’ workshop. This is my secret sauce to success. This practice has changed my life and hundreds of people’s lives from around the world.



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bonus love!

After you download your workshop, as a bonus ou’ll also receive my exclusive fresh insights on life and business. It’s like the ulitmate conscious girl monthly publication (and it’s totally free) for designed for you!

I’m so excited to get to know you, learn about your visions, and help you create the business and lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of! Together, we’re part of a global shift towards consciousness through lifestyle and entrepreneurialism – which is simply radical. Excited to talk to you soon!

With love & success,






Photos by the divine Brooke Rosenblum. © Brooke Rosenblum Photography 2013 Brooke Rosenblum